Three DVD Set:

MasterChess 8000 + Nalimov Table Base + The Ultimate Game Collection 7

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This is software that is designed to be easy to use. With choices like Playing a game against the built-in engine "Ruffian"; searching the included database of over 1.4 Million Master level and higher games; and haveing a game analyzed. Games up
Nalimov Table Base. Using the Master 8000 Chess Engine Ruffian this 7GB database of endgames allows you to play and analyze the perfect endgames with 5 pieces or less. This is the ultimate tool for studying endgames theory.
This is the latest and greatest from chessdvds database of chess games. UGC-5 contains over 1.4 Millio , and works with Fritz. It Contains Demos of Bookup , Chess School Advance , ICC Blitzin software, Chess Mentor, and CT Arts I.

Play all of the world's highest rated chess engines and enjoying sheer chess power in a versatile interface. Everything went into performance, not fancy packaging.

Chess engines Stockfish, Rybka, Spark, Fruit, Strelka, Naum, and Ruffian are included.

User friendly interface

1). Create multiple colored boards, sets & pieces

2). Krill, Merida, Linares, Hastings & Zurich

3). Super large 2d board (ideal for large monitors)

4). Add any UCI engine yourself. If you're new... step by step tutorial so you can add

5). Any of your favorite UCI engines.

Ultimate game collection - 2 million games.

1). Animate, analyze, annotate & print games.

2). Search for games by players names, ECO codes, move orders & results.

3). Import & export PGN files and board graphics.

Includes (chess program / rating)

1). Stockfish - 3242

2). Rybka 2.2 - 3126

3). Spark-1.0 - 3091

4). Fruit - 2887

5). Strelka - 2871

6). Naum - 2802

7). Ruffian - 2702

System Requirements:

XP, Vista, or Win 7 (32 or 64bit)